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The Difference a Week Makes

The real reason for this post is to show you this: That’s me and my girls posing for my wife and their mom before the Father-Daughter Dance here in town. It’s funny, but the “silly” pose got the most response … Continue reading

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The Number One Reason to Stay Fit and Race

Being healthy enough to climb a flight of stairs without gasping like you just surmounted K2 sans oxygen is great, but I think we all know that the biggest payoff to being fit and using that fitness to complete races is … Continue reading

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I Hate Springing Forward and Lent

There are two things I hate about Spring, moving the clocks forward and Lent. I have no control over the former but it’s my decision to participate in the latter. Is daylight savings time even necessary anymore? Was it ever … Continue reading

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Kansas 70.3 – The Last 69.1 Miles

To read about my neurotic thoughts before and during the Kansas 70.3 swim, click here. For an exciting account of how I rode my bike 56 miles and then ran a half marathon, find a good writer to write it and … Continue reading

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Livin’ Low Carbo Loco

Since I’m not a doctor of anything I won’t try to convince you with the science. I only have a rudimentary understanding of it and would not be able to communicate it adequately enough to change your mind. You can … Continue reading

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If you are interested in seeing how tough your Ironman race is compared to others you should get to know this site: http://www.runtri.com/p/homesite-map.html He also breaks down several marathons. It’s interesting that Ironman Louisville, which I’ll participate in this Summer, … Continue reading

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Pretend Ironman Training

Caution: Don’t read this post if you don’t want to know what I did in the shower. Yesterday I actually rode my bike. Outside. On a real road. While riding I made a couple of observations. One, riding outside on … Continue reading

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