We’re not having much of a winter here in Southwestern Missouri. It snowed about an inch and a half earlier this week and we all went into a tizzy looking for our snow shovels, but by the time we found them the snow melted.

Aside from our lack of snow it hasn’t been all that cold. We’ve had some frosty mornings down in the teens and a couple of days even lower, but over all it’s been pretty mild. My biggest complaint when I go out to run is getting too hot. I shouldn’t be too hot this time of year.

What’s any of that have to do with anything? Dang, I don’t know! Except that I don’t have a lot of excuses for not getting outside to swim, bike, and run. OK, a little too chilly to swim. What about biking and running? Well, at the end of last season I took my bike apart thinking I’d build it back up. That’s taken a little longer


This post is crap. I won’t blame you if you never read my blog again.

About The Pretend Triathlete

Just a 46 year old trying to stay in shape. Not pro-athlete in shape, just 46 year old guy with a family and a house and a job in shape. Signing up for races is the best way I've found to do that. I blog about things that happen to me and things I observe while training and racing. Let's do this!
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