Opinions Are Like Doughnut Holes, Everybody Likes Them

I’m not sure I got that saying right, but as I was out running this morning I realized I had some opinions. And I very much like my opinions, so I guess in a way the title is correct; everybody likes their own opinions.

I’d like to tell you about a couple of my own opinions.

I live in a small town in west central Missouri. It’s a nice little town of 9,000. I guess given the history of the area and the history of Missouri you’re apt to see confederate flags flying from peoples’ houses around here. On our town square there is a statue of two soldiers, one Union and the other confederate. The inscription reads something like, “They fought bravely.” Now, don’t get the wrong impression, it’s not like every single house flies the confederate flag around here. There’s really just a few that I can think of on my various routes, but they’re there.

I spent my formative years in Ohio and Kansas, and growing up in those states I don’t ever remember seeing confederate flags. The only exposure I really had to the confederate flag was on the Dukes of Hazzard, which oddly enough, for a boy my age, was never one of my favorite shows. I always considered myself a Yankee and felt proud to be from a part of the country that fought to mend the Union, if not to ensure that all men lived free in these United States.

That’s not to say that I come from a long line of progressive woke liberals. Far from it. However, I always got the sense from the adults in my life that you ought to treat everyone the same. And it always seemed wrong to me that one man could own another man like a horse or a dog.

So when I see the confederate flag flying at a house I can’t help but think there’s someone who lives there who does not believe that all men are created equal. It’s just because of what that flag stood for not all that long ago in our nation’s history. And so I’m not a big fan of the confederate flag, but since I believe in freedom of expression, I support the right of those folks who may or may not believe the way I do when it comes to equality to fly those flags. However, I don’t believe any government entity, town, county, state, anything, should fly the confederate flag. It’s an insult and the confederacy lost. Take it down.


I assume this pic is a joke but I thought it was funny.

I feel the same way about the nazi flag. It’s particularly disgraceful to fly the nazi flag. What person in their right mind and who is not a degenerate bigot could hoist that banner?


old nazis, neo-nazis. What’s the difference?

So now I probably have a bunch of leftists saying, “Alright, I kinda like this guy.” But keep reading.

There’s this group right now running around in their ninja pajamas calling themselves the “antifa”, and supposedly they are anti-fascists. I can’t hardly say “antifa,” I have to call the them “fascist antifa.” Don’t dare have an opinion that isn’t theirs. They won’t like it, and I won’t say they resort to violence because violence seems to be one of their first options, and they will try to make you shut up. They really have a hard time with people who think thoughts that aren’t their own. They’re Orwell’s Thought Police.


fascist antifa

So when I see the fascist antifa clashing with the nazis I have the same question I have when the Broncos play the Steelers. Can’t they both lose?

I suppose both sides use the slippery slope argument, that if we allow them to make their argument or fly their flag or have their little march then the next thing we’ll be doing is putting people in shackles and selling them at auctions or strapping them down in a chair so that they can undergo the Ludovico Technique. It’s all kind of ridiculous.

What about the monuments? What about that confederate soldier on the square in my town? This gets a little more complicated for me. I don’t believe everything is black and white. In a lot of arguments I see shades of grey and that is not a popular position to hold. We all have to be for or against something, no middle ground, apparently. I guess my thought is this; If we start taking down monuments because the dude was a big jerk a lot of the time, where does it stop? Julius Caesar was a murderous slave-trading bastard if ever there was one, but should we topple all his statues? Who doesn’t get sick when they hear of isis destroying ancient statues? I don’t know. I can certainly see the point in removing the confederate soldier. Sure, he fought bravely. He fought so bravely to keep my forebears in chains. By all means, let’s honor his bravery. (Italics indicate sarcasm. I know leftists have a hard time detecting that.)


The inventor of the Caesar Salad, the Caesar cut, the Orange Julius, and the C-section. Hail Caesar!

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

That is my opinion and that is the opinion shared by my man St. Paul when he wrote to the Galatians.

He had a lot of opinions that I like:

“Owe no man anything, but to love one another.”

“As much as it depends on you, live at peace with all men.”

And let’s not forget the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: “Do unto others…”

How would you like it if your neighbor flew the banner that represented the people who considered you mere property?

So there you have it, my doughnut hole.

PS. I know this is snarky but I failed to capitalize certain words throughout this post on purpose. All the other typos are the result of my neglectfulness and ignorance.

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Just a 46 year old trying to stay in shape. Not pro-athlete in shape, just 46 year old guy with a family and a house and a job in shape. Signing up for races is the best way I've found to do that. I blog about things that happen to me and things I observe while training and racing. Let's do this!
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